NACDD Competencies Toolkit Development

NACDD Competencies Toolkit Development

CSI staff members, Mary Kane and Jenni Royer-Barnett collaborated with NACDD’s Jeanne Alongi for the newly released publication:

Kane M, Royer-Barnett J, Alongi J. (2019). Core Competencies for Chronic Disease Prevention Practice. Preventing Chronic Disease, 16:190101. DOI:

This publication explores the development of an updated Competency Toolkit for Members of the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD) produced in collaboration with Concept Systems (CSI).  Additionally, the article discusses the value of ensuring that professional competencies and tools are current, relevant and easily accessible.

The updated toolkit contains a professional development plan builder and interactive tools, including an interactive Competency Assessment Tool designed and developed by CSI.  “The tool is self-driven and provides explicit instructions for the user to provide ratings on each subcompetency in the self-assessment set, aggregate the ratings, score the ratings, and create an individual development plan that is a point-in-time blueprint.” Managers can also aggregate assessments across team members to identify strengths, assess progress and notice gaps.

CSI’s work with NACDD began in 2006, using Group Concept Mapping to identify the seven Competency Areas for professionals in the field of Chronic Disease Prevention.  A decade later, NACDD sought CSI’s guidance and support to update the competencies and reinvigorate their Learning & Professional Development offerings. This process and update was used as a springboard to launch the new Competency Toolkit.

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