1.4 – Wrap Up and Next Steps

Congratulations! You have completed Introduction to Group Concept Mapping: A Self-directed Tour. You now know

  • the simple rules governing Group Concept Mapping
  • the structure for planning and conducting a GCM project
  • GCM’s key terms: focus prompt, concept map, point map, cluster map
  • the philosophy behind Group Concept Mapping

This course covered the basics of what Group Concept Mapping is.  If you’d like to learn more in order to make a decision about if GCM is right for your project, visit our Trainings & Webinars page to sign up for one of our free Introduction to Group Concept Mapping webinars.

If you’re interested in deepening your understanding and learning how to implement GCM, visit our Trainings & Webinars page and check out our GCM Design and Practice Web-based complete training.

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