Our groupwisdom™ licenses simplify every step of your Group Concept Mapping project.  Choose from a single project license or an annual license.  All licenses come with groupwisdom™’s core features:

  • Data collection via web-based platform
  • Unlimited brainstorm statement collection
  • Unlimited anonymous participation for brainstorming
  • Up to 125 statements for sorting and rating
  • Analysis mapping and reporting functionality
  • Access to groupwisdom™ tutorial videos

Need help determining which license is best for you?  Looking to customize your license?  Contact us or call us at (607) 272-1206.  We will be happy to talk with you.

All the core features, plus


  • 100 participants for sorting and rating
  • Up to 3 rating questions
  • Up to 5 participant questions (demographics)

Grad student: $1550

Not-for-profit: $2245

Commercial: $5250

Not-for-profit customers can upgrade to a GOLD level single project license

All the CORE FEATURES, plus


  • 300 participants for sorting and rating
  • Up to 4 rating questions
  • Up to 8 participant questions (demographics)

Not-for-profit: $4150

Same core features and specifications as the single project license, but you can conduct as many projects in a year as you wish!

Grad student: $2750

Not-for-profit: $3950

Annual licenses for your team at a discounted rate!

The Unified Annual Subscription License is an annual multi-owner subscription.  Great for any group of researchers or program managers in a system (a department, a Center, a research hub, or a Team Science group).  Using GCM in team environments, you’ll strengthen the rigor and utility of your projects while saving resources and time.  You can produce results and publications at a greater rate and link those results to other projects.

Save almost $1000 per license for the first three licenses, with even greater savings as you add more licenses.


  • Annual multi-owner subscription, minimum of three owners
  • Cost is by the number of email addresses designated to be owners within the unified license, with greater savings with additional owners
  • Unlimited projects in the subscription year

Benefits and Special Services

  • Discounted training for your department or team: onsite or virtual
  • Unlimited license features: participants, demographics, and ratings
  • Publications support from the Concept Systems Inc. research methods team

Research Essentials

Our Research Essentials targeted support packages give you personalized guidance to support you through the crucial steps of designing your project and analyzing the results.  Each Research Essentials package includes 5 hours of consulting time targeted to the areas where you most need help. Visit our Training and Support page for package details, or contact us to discuss your needs.

The keys to success for any GCM project are careful design and planning.  Our expert project design and management assistance package includes support with:

  • Focus prompt development
  • Rating and demographic questions
  • IRB/OMB considerations
  • Participant selection and recruitment
  • Maximizing participation
  • Idea synthesis
  • Timeline management


Brainstorming is complete, ideas are synthesized, and sorting and rating activities are finished.  Now what?  Our expert assistance helps you process your data set and interpret your results.  This package includes support with:

  • Map creation and cluster analysis
  • Setting up pattern matches and go-zones
  • Drawing conclusions from your maps
  • Identifying studies and publications to strengthen your research
  • Developing your research presentation and facilitating discussion of your results


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