GCM Researcher Network

The CSI Team recently constructed an integrated GCM Co-author Network. Tracking the authors of 180 Group Concept Mapping papers published between January 2015 and September 2019, we produced a visual world of GCM connection.

The network showed the connections among and between authors. 729 nodes (i.e., authors) and 2,846 edges (i.e., co-author connections) are represented. Since the node size is based on centrality in the network, the larger the size of the circle the greater the number of ties an author has to other authors. Higher numbers of ties suggest higher influence, based on more connections to other members of the network. The edges are color-coded to indicate the number of times authors appeared in the author list together on separate papers. A red line indicates a single time two authors were connected on a paper, yellow 2 times, green 3 times, and blue 4 times.

It is exciting to observe the unique author groupings as well as those authors who cross over and connect networks. GCM network environments use GCM tools purposefully and creatively in their work, and we look forward to continuing the network’s growth.

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