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For almost 30 years, CSI has welcomed training participants to our home in Ithaca, and we have delivered customized GCM training at many client locations. With COVID-19 in mind, we’ve converted all of our training to virtual, web-based, interactive sessions. We look forward to welcoming you!

Group Concept Mapping Design and Practice Training


GCM Design and Practice Training, focuses on concepts, processes, techniques and tools.

We accommodate your busy schedule by bringing GCM training directly to your desktop. Flexibility to learn when and where it’s best for you. Opportunities for networking with other researchers, and personalized coaching from CSI leaders. This is the essential course for learning GCM.

See the schedule of upcoming courses below, and contact us for details!

Interactive online

  • The complete Group Concept Mapping Training for researchers and project leads, delivered to you!
  • Collaborative class setting, with your learning cohort
  • You can complete the entire course, while you are starting your project at the same time
  • Instructor lead group project planning workshop

Designed with you in mind

  • Eight sessions over the course of 4 or 5 weeks
  • Two hours per session
  • Your learning will be fresh from week to week
  • Eliminates the training burden of travel expenses and concerns
  • Fits into your regular work schedule

Cost and Value

  • Base price $1,600
  • Includes all materials, access to all sessions for 3 months, and exclusive CSI coaching
  • Discounts for added attendees, license purchase with training, support purchase within three months
  • Private group training courses available – get the whole project team trained and synchronized, even across continents.


  • Includes all GCM training sessions
  • Live lectures and discussion
  • Homework and practica for skill building
  • Hands-on project work in groupwisdom™
  • Workbooks with practical tips and tools
  • All materials available 24/7 via dedicated portal

GCM Design and Practice Course Schedule

Course Days Session Dates
Summer Mon/Thu July 15 July 18 July 22 July 25** July 29 Aug 1 Aug 5 Aug 8
Fall 1 Mon/Thu Sep 23 Sep 26 Sep 30 Oct 3 Oct 7 Oct 10 Oct 14 Oct 17
Fall 2 Mon/Thu Oct 28 Oct 31 Nov 4* Nov 7* Nov 11* Nov 14* Nov 18* Nov 21*

Class is in session:
11:30am-1:30pm US Eastern Daylight Savings Time (-4 UTC) until Nov 4
*11:30am-1:30pm US Eastern Standard Time (-5 UTC) including and after Nov 4
**class will be in session 11:00-1:00 on July 25

Or ask us about GCM Practice Training customized for your group.
We’ll bring the GCM Design and Practice training to you with a complete course tailored to your group’s interests. Virtually!

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Advanced Group Concept Mapping Learning Series

Take a deeper dive into key areas of a GCM project

Join CSI Lead Consultants to explore advanced GCM topics linking advanced analysis, both quantitative and qualitative.

Intended for the experienced Group Concept Mapping practitioner.

Advanced Topics:

Valuing Voice


Valuing voice, an empowering extension of community-based participation, seeks and values the important input from people who experience the effects of an issue, and who have lived knowledge of the issues. This session will demonstrate the importance of valuing voice, help you identify important considerations to valuing voice in your project, describe how the GCM approach actualizes valuing voice, and provide guidance on developing a voice-active framework.

Idea Synthesis Options in GCM


Idea synthesis is important in a successful GCM project. CSI’s rigorous structure for conducting the process is part of CSI’s basic training. This session demonstrates another approach: how to apply the KWIC process to synthesize a set of raw brainstormed ideas to prepare a final list for sorting and rating.

Computing Sorting and Rating Reliability Estimates


Your work may require more rigorous reliability estimates to support your GCM results. In this session, you will work to organize and compute the set of common sorting and rating reliability estimates in GCM.

Cluster Ratings Comparisons Using T-tests


You can increase the utility of your results by demonstrating cluster ratings comparisons that illustrates complex relationships across groups. This session will illustrate t-tests in groupwisdom™, and guide you in constructing and running the t-test function to compare cluster means of two independent groups.

Designed with you in mind

  • Four sessions over the course of 2 weeks
  • 1 to 1 ½ hours per session
  • Live lectures and discussion

Cost and Value

  • Base price per class is $120; discounts for multiple purchases and registrations.
  • Includes all materials, copies of session presentations and recordings
  • Discounts for added attendees, license purchase with training, support purchase within three months


TOPIC 2022
Valuing Voice TBD
Idea Synthesis Options in GCM TBD
Computing Sorting and Rating Reliability Estimates TBD
Cluster Ratings Comparisons Using T-tests TBD

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Getting to Know Group Concept Mapping and groupwisdom™

Jun 19, 2023 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST

In this free one-hour introductory webinar, you will learn the basics of the GCM method, and explore how our application, groupwisdom™, helps facilitate the entire process. We discuss best practices in creating a successful GCM project and explain key steps from planning, design, management, data analysis and use. Open to all.

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