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Expert support and training to enhance your GCM project and improve your skills

Research Essentials

With Research Essentials, our targeted support packages, you get personalized consulting guidance to support you through the crucial steps of designing your project and analyzing the results.

Each Research Essentials package includes 5 hours of consulting time targeted to the areas where you most need help.

Project Design and Management

The keys to success for any GCM project are careful design and planning.  Our expert project design and management assistance package includes support with:

  • Focus prompt development
  • Rating and demographic questions
  • IRB/OMB considerations
  • Participant selection and recruitment
  • Maximizing participation
  • Idea synthesis
  • Timeline management

Data Analysis and Use

Brainstorming is complete, ideas are synthesized, and sorting and rating activities are finished.  Now what?  Our expert assistance helps you process your data set and interpret your results.  This package includes support with:

  • Map creation and cluster analysis
  • Setting up pattern matches and go-zones
  • Drawing conclusions from your maps
  • Identifying studies and publications to strengthen your research
  • Developing your research presentation and facilitating discussion of your results

Group Concept Mapping Design and Practice Training

Thank you for your interest in Group Concept Mapping Trainings. Due to COVID-19, we are only offering Web-based Training at this time.


Course begins April 30

Can’t travel to Ithaca?  Accommodate your busy schedule by bringing GCM training directly to your desktop.  Flexibility to learn when and where it’s best for you.  Opportunities for networking and instructor feedback.

More information here. If you have questions or would like to register, contact us or call CSI at (607) 272-1206.

At Concept Systems, Inc.

Ithaca, NY

TBD, hoping for a summer/fall training

This 2½ day training is a comprehensive introduction to the GCM methodology and the groupwisdom™ platform. Get targeted support for your project from CSI’s experts and learn from your peers. $1500. Open to all.

If you have questions or would like to register, contact us or call CSI at (607) 272-1206. Space is limited.

On Site

Your location

Have a team that needs training?  We’ll bring the GCM Design and Practice training to you with a custom workshop with instruction tailored to your group.  1 or 2 day visit by an experienced CSI instructor.

To inquire about bringing an onsite training to your team, contact us or call CSI at (607) 272-1206.


An Introduction to Group Concept Mapping and groupwisdom™

Date: TBD

In this free one-hour introductory webinar, you will learn the basics of the GCM method, and explore how our application, groupwisdom™, helps facilitate the entire process. We discuss best practices in creating a successful GCM project and explain key steps from planning, design, management, data analysis and use. Open to all.

Self Directed Learning

Learn about Group Concept Mapping

You can access our free self-directed learning course, Introduction to Group Concept Mapping. This self-paced course provides a basic introduction to the GCM methodology.

Go to Self Directed Learning

groupwisdom™ Technical Tutorial Library

This tutorial library includes videos on how to use groupwisdom from account set up through reporting. We orient you to the key features and functionality of the software’s data collection capabilities, and showcase the software’s analysis features.

View Tutorials

Resource Guide

In the resource guide you will find basic information about Group Concept Mapping in an easy to use format.

View Resource Guide

Conversations About Group Concept Mapping: Applications, Examples, Enhancements

Conversations About Group Concept Mapping: Applications, Examples, and Enhancements, by Mary Kane and Scott Rosas, takes a concise, practice-based approach to GCM. After defining the method, demonstrating how to design a project, and providing guidelines to analyze the results, this book then dives into real research exemplars.  Conversations with the researchers are based on in depth interviews that connected method, practice, and results.

Amazon Sage Publishing

Concept Mapping for Planning and Evaluation (Applied Social Research Methods)

Concept Mapping for Planning and Evaluation, by Mary Kane and William M. K. Trochim, is a thorough, accessible guide to Group Concept Mapping for social or organizational researchers in any context. 

Amazon Sage Publishing

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