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CSI supports your research.  Here’s how:

Concept Systems, Inc. developed the GCM methodology, and exclusively owns the powerful groupwisdom™, the leading technology and application that supports all GCM initiatives.

We support every planner, researcher and project manager with training and expert advice and assistance.  Every project or research study is different, and your project may really benefit from some assistance from CSI—which saves time, creates a stronger design, and manages any aspect of the project for you for high quality, usable results.

Which research support approach is right for you?  Here are the options:

Full Service

When you involve CSI to deliver your project, we take responsibility for the planning, design, conduct, data collection, analysis, results development, interpretation and reporting of a complete GCM project related to your work, including publication support.  This option is great for you and your team when the work requires fast, high quality, experience-based turnaround and results production, or when your team’s other tasks and opportunities require more of their attention.

The cost of CSI’s work on a complete project depends on the project—number of participants, range of data to be collected, means of data collection, expectations for results, and so on.  Contact us so we can discuss how we can expertly produce your complete project in half the time!

Integrated Expert Project Support

When CSI provides Expert Project Support,  we coach and assist the project with design and planning guidance, completing tasks, and producing materials and results throughout the life of a GCM project.  You can manage your project with CSI as co-manager, supporting high quality, timely processes and results.  It also gives you and your team coaching and “on the job” guidance on GCM and groupwisdom™.

Since every initiative is different, the cost of Expert Support depends on the project, based on the Shared Work Plan that we develop with you to guide the team.  We’re happy to talk with you about your project!

Expert Design and Project Assistance

With expert design and conduct assistance, CSI offers guidance and work product on a “menu” basis.

When you know that your team will be primarily responsible for your project’s conduct, CSI can jump in when needed.  Some places where CSI support are most often called for are:

  • Project design and guidance on fundamental decisions: participation selection, communication, timeframe, participant activities planning
  • Data quality assurance and management including Idea Synthesis and data collection
  • Analysis, results decisions, and results development
  • Writing for publication or reporting, and supporting results presentations.

With Design Assistance, you can call upon CSI for specific tasks any time during the project.  CSI will adapt our involvement to the needs of the group.  Please contact us to learn more about how we can be your “back room” GCM service!

groupwisdom™ Technical Tutorial Library

This tutorial library includes videos on how to use groupwisdom from account set up through reporting. We orient you to the key features and functionality of the software’s data collection capabilities, and showcase the software’s analysis features.

View Tutorials

Resource Guide

In the resource guide you will find basic information about Group Concept Mapping in an easy to use format.

View Resource Guide

Conversations About Group Concept Mapping: Applications, Examples, Enhancements

Conversations About Group Concept Mapping: Applications, Examples, and Enhancements, by Mary Kane and Scott Rosas, takes a concise, practice-based approach to GCM. After defining the method, demonstrating how to design a project, and providing guidelines to analyze the results, this book then dives into real research exemplars.  Conversations with the researchers are based on in depth interviews that connected method, practice, and results.

Amazon Sage Publishing

Concept Mapping for Planning and Evaluation (Applied Social Research Methods)

Concept Mapping for Planning and Evaluation, by Mary Kane and William M. K. Trochim, is a thorough, accessible guide to Group Concept Mapping for social or organizational researchers in any context. 

Amazon Sage Publishing

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