groupwisdom™ offline data manager

Some people need to collect data offline.  Whether it be for one or two participants who cannot contribute using a computer or other mobile device or because you are holding an in-person meeting to collect data.  Group Concept Mapping originated with collection of in-person data, and we still support that option if you have the capability to do so. 

The project activities (Participant Questions, Brainstorming Statements, Sorting Instructions, and Ratings Questions) must be fully set up in order to export sheets to collect participant data or to input data from those sheets. You will also need to add a participant identifier(s) or email address(es) to the project to enter the data.

The Offline Data Manager screen is separated into the 3 participant activities – Participant Question, Sorting, and Rating.

To the right, you can download the resources needed to collect that data such as:

  • Participant Questions Worksheet
  • Sort Cards
  • Sort Recording Form
  • Rating(s) Worksheets*

*Important note about Rating Worksheets: If you select Radio Buttons when setting up your question, you will be able to select either BUBBLE LAYOUT (best for scales 1-6 or higher) or CHECKMARK LAYOUT (best for scales 1-5 or lower).  If you select Numeric, you will only have the option of NUMERIC layout where your participants have to enter a number in a designated box next to the statement. 

To the left, you can Enter answers from offline activities.Select Enter ACTIVITY NAME Results>

You will be taken to a screen that says Data entry for … Double check that you are in the correct area for the data you wish to enter.

From this screen, you can enter data manually for each participant you have created for that activity. Select the grey Offline data icon to the right of the Participant’s USERNAME. A specialized screen will come up for the Participant Questions, Sorting or Rating data you need to enter.  You can enter this information in manually by hand, toggling between data entry fields using your mouse or the Tab key.

To move to the next participant, either select the Switch participant next to the username at the top of the screen or click the arrow to return to the main participant list for Data entry.

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