groupwisdom™ Statements & Clusters

How do I generate a Statements & Clusters report in groupwisdom™?

If you are more of an audio/visual learner, check out the video tutorials.

For more information on Interpreting the Maps and reports based on those maps, read chapter 6 of Concept Mapping for Planning and Evaluation.

The Statements & Clusters report exports average data on statements and clusters.  Whether it exports average rating or bridging data depends upon the cluster map selected during set-up.

To View Average Ratings

First, make a Cluster Rating Map for each of your ratings or for the variable/rating you wish to review.

Then in Statements & Clusters, select a Cluster Rating Map from the drop down menu.  This report can be supplemented by the Go-Zone Summary exports.

To View Average Bridging Values

If you run a Statements & Clusters Report on your cluster solution Concept Map, your report will provide Average Bridging Values.

This report format is especially helpful when determining a final cluster solution or when determining whether to shift a point on the outside of the cluster to an adjacent cluster.  If the adjacent cluster has similar bridging values, that can support shifting that statement.

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