groupwisdom™ Raw Data Report Participant Questions

How do I view Participant Questions raw data in groupwisdom™?

You can view raw data Participant Questions at the bottom of the Reports page of groupwisdom™ in the Raw Data section and Participant Questions option. After clicking the Participant Questions report, use the Details tab in the center to view individual responses. See the information below for steps or view the video tutorial.

Reports – Raw Data Participant Questions

For more information on Interpreting the Maps and reports based on those maps, read chapter 6 of Concept Mapping for Planning and Evaluation.

The Participant Questions Raw Data can be especially useful during a Preliminary Interpretation presentation or in reports/manuscripts to show participants demographics.

Both the Summary and Details reports default to show responses for All Questions from All Participants in the project.  However, a Project Administrator can export data specific to:

  • All Questions: A specific Participant Question,
  • Any Activity: Participants assigned to a specific activity (Brainstorming, Sorting, All Ratings, All Ratings & Sorting, Specific Rating Scales),
  • Any status: Participants who have full or not completed status (those who show as started, but may have data which could be approved)
  • Any data: Participants with approved or rejected data, and/or
  • Any question type: Questions from a certain type (Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Scale or Open Text).

You do not need to select an option from each drop down.  You may select one or more to get to the subset of participants that you would like to review.

You can also select to return to the default setting of viewing all responses for all questions from all participants.

There is the option to toggle between

  • SUMMARY which creates figures for you, and
  • DETAILS which shows the responses from each participant.

Summary Tab

The SUMMARY report can be exported whole

  • As a PDF with the figures and statistics, exactly as it appears in the screen view.
  • As a Word or CSV which only provide the summary statistics in a table.

The individual charts can be exported as a JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF, or PPT.

Summary Report

The Question number, the Question text and its Question type will appear above each chart.

On this same line, to the right is a 3-dot menu which will open a drop-down menu to download the chart for that question as a JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF, or PPT.

All the way to the right, is a carrot icon  which will minimize the chart for that question.

Single Choice and Multiple Choice Questions

Questions set as Single Choice or Multiple Choice will default show as pie charts.  They can be changed to bar charts using the toggle option to the top left of the figure.

The bottom of the chart shows a color Legend, which can be turned off using the check boxes below the the table of summary statistics.  You can also hide totals for those did not respond or rows with no responses.

Scale Questions

Questions set as Scale with Numeric or Range response types show as line charts.

The X-axis (horizontal) uses the range that was defined during the set-up of the question, for example “On a scale of 1-10…”

The Y-axis (vertical) charts the number of participants who selected each scale option as their response.

Details Tab

This report is especially useful in the following situations:

  • When you want to export the data and create your own figures (Best to export as CSV).
  • When you want to view participant responses to Open Text questions (Export any option).
  • When you want to view participant responses provided in the text box if Other was turned on for that Single or Multiple Choice Question (Export any option).

Details Report

The DETAILS report can only be exported whole as a PDF, Word or CSV table of the data by Participant’s Username and their Answer.

  1. Click Reports page on the left navigation.
  2. In the Raw Data section at the bottom, click “Participant Questions”.
  3. In the center, click the “Details” tab.
    • Use the “Showing answers for – All questions” drop down menu at the top to change which participant question if necessary.
  4. Click the “Export details as…” blue text at the top right.
  5. Choose the export option to save and open it in your preferred software.
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