A message from CSI’s President Mary Kane regarding COVID-19 projects

A message from CSI’s President Mary Kane regarding COVID-19 projects

Dear colleagues and clients:

We are in the midst of a world adjustment.  Such changes are usually more evolutionary, but in the case of COVID-19 and its effects on every level of society, it has exposed starkly the fissures in our systems, social understandings, and capacity to support each other and those who need the support of our structures.  CSI continues to work with many of you to support projects that are related to COVID-19 and its impacts.  The CSI team wants to support any research or community projects that you are involved in that might shine a light on the issues, and help us to determine what we should be doing as a society now, soon, and in the further future.

To that end, I am doing two things:

  1. I will offer a discount to any researcher who takes on a COVID topic any time in 2020.  I will also offer a discount on Web-based training for those who need the support.
  1. CSI is going to conduct a research effort ourselves, using groupwisdom™.  I want to reach out to each of you and ask you to participate.  Your particular perspectives as active explorers of the social context will make this project current, highly informed, and noteworthy.  The focus of the GCM project will be identifying and recognizing the social responses to COVID and how we can build more resilient, ready and respectful systems to support us as a nation in the future. 

As an organization, Concept Systems is adapting to our current and future constraints, while at the same time innovating to establish new and more responsive products and processes for you, our valued clients and colleagues.  The new web-based training mentioned above is a good example.  It is the complete 2.5 day basic training on GCM and groupwisdom™, conducted in 8 2-hour sessions over 4 weeks.  We continue to highlight the work of our groupwisdom™ researchers in our news blasts, and offer customized technical and design support for your work—we can support you in whatever you need to use groupwisdom™ in your important work.

Please call us!—Yes, we are still answering our phone!  Or email me directly to tell me what your research priorities are these days.  We want to feature important work in our news, and on our websites.

And I do hope you accept my invitation to participate in the Social Responses to COVID-19 Project!  I will send the project invitation the last week of May.

Stay well, and know that we are here to help.

Warmest regards,
Mary Kane

On behalf of the CSI Team

Mary Kane


Concept Systems, Inc.


Ph 607.272.1206

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