CSI Continues to Support Community and Group Research

CSI Continues to Support Community and Group Research

From Concept Systems: We are here to help.

Like you, we are paying close attention to news and alerts about risks to health, community and work that the COVID-19 virus poses.  Here at Concept Systems headquarters, we are taking to heart the recently revised recommendations of CDC and WHO, and I have closed our offices as of today.  All CSI team members are fully present, from their home desks.

You and the important work you do are always central in our planning.  I want to assure you that CSI is here to support your work, when you need us.  So much activity is slowed or stopped, and if you are at an institution that is officially closed, it may have a significant effect on your own research projects.

Even now, when personal interaction is increasingly difficult, we can take comfort in the fact that the groupwisdom™ process and platform is completely virtual. All of the project planning and data collection can happen online, to help you move your research or project forward even without the ability to meet with stakeholders or your planning group in person. If you are using groupwisdom™ for your research, CSI can help you think through the steps you might take to communicate with your planners and stakeholders.

About GCM training:  We are lucky that CSI began developing Web-based Group Concept Mapping Training in late 2019, and we are able to conduct the full GCM training via scheduled webinar sessions.  If you were planning on taking part in GCM training this year, the web-based training is the best solution for you.  Email us at csiinfo@conceptsystems.com

Here are some other ways that we can help:

Call us.  We are still available by phone at (607) 272-1206. We will have staff phone numbers available on request.

Email us at csiinfo@conceptsystems.com or contact us.


Go to the groupwisdom™ website:  www.groupwisdom.com for technical support. This includes:

  • Tutorials on all technical aspects of groupwisdom™
  • Overviews of Group Concept Mapping, and the groupwisdom™ tools and platforms


As members of a global community, we send our very best wishes for health and a speedy return to the things that matter to us all:  good will, wellbeing, and progress toward a better world society, one project at a time.

Mary Kane, President




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