Group Concept Mapping Publications Spotlight May

Group Concept Mapping Publications Spotlight May

We are pleased to be part of the great work our clients are doing. This month we are highlighting these recent Group Concept Mapping publications authored by our clients.

May 2021

Congratulations authors!

Chun, J. S., Lee, S., & Kim, J. (2021). Conceptualizing the protective factors of cyberbullying victimization in Korean adolescents. School Mental Health.

Delorey, J., Specht, J., Fairbrother, M., Ismailos, L., Villella, M., Charles, E., … Whitley, J. (2020). Experiences that shape pre-service teachers’ inclusive practice beliefs: A group concept mapping study. International Journal of Inclusive Education, 1–16.

Dulin, A., Mealy, R., Whittaker, S., Cardel, M., Wang, J., Risica, P. M., & Gans, K. (2021). Identifying barriers to and facilitators of using a mobile fruit and vegetable market intervention delivered to low-income housing sites: A concept mapping study. Health Education & Behavior, 109019812199828.

Laustsen, C. E., Westergren, A., Petersson, P., & Haak, M. (2021). Conceptualizing researchers’ perspectives on involving professionals in research: A group concept mapping study. Health Research Policy and Systems, 19(1).

Mahabir, D. F., O’Campo, P., Lofters, A., Shankardass, K., Salmon, C., & Muntaner, C. (2021). Classism and everyday racism as experienced by racialized health care users: A concept mapping study. International Journal of Health Services, 002073142110147.

Svobodova, I., Filakovska Bobakova, D., Bosakova, L., & Dankulincova Veselska, Z. (2021). How to improve access to health care for Roma living in social exclusion: A concept mapping study. International Journal for Equity in Health, 20(1).

Ulbrich, F. (2021). Planning effective instructional interventions. Journal for Higher Education Development, 16(1), 213-238. [Link]

If you’ve published in the last few months and haven’t seen your publication highlighted, please get in touch with us.  We want to share your work with others and learn from it ourselves.  Thank you to all the authors who have provided us with publications.

Interested in learning more about Group Concept Mapping?  Visit our Bibliographies page for additional Group Concept Mapping publications arranged by topic.

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