Group Concept Mapping Publications Spotlight

Group Concept Mapping Publications Spotlight

We are pleased to be part of the great work our clients are doing. This month we are highlighting these recent Group Concept Mapping publications authored by our clients.

August 2021

Congratulations authors!

Adams, L. B., Baxter, S. L., Lightfoot, A. F., Gottfredson, N., Golin, C., Jackson, L. C., Tabron, J., Corbie-Smith, G., & Powell, W. (2021). Refining black men’s depression measurement using participatory approaches: A concept mapping study. BMC Public Health, 21(1), 1194.

Halberg, S. E., Visek, A. J., Blake, E. F., Essel, K. D., Sacheck, J., & Sylvetsky, A. C. (2021). Soda maps: A framework for understanding caffeinated sugary drink consumption among children. Frontiers in Nutrition, 8, 640531.

Mourits, K., van der Velden, K., & Molleman, G. (2021). The perceptions and priorities of professionals in health and social welfare and city planning for creating a healthy living environment: A concept mapping study. BMC Public Health, 21(1), 1085.

Rising, K. L., Gentsch, A. T., Mills, G., LaNoue, M., Doty, A. M. B., Cunningham, A., Carr, B. G., & Hollander, J. E. (2021). Patient-important outcomes to inform shared decision making and goal setting for diabetes treatment. Patient Education and Counseling.

Singer, B. A., Keith, S., Howerter, A., Doll, H., Pham, T., & Mehta, R. (2021). A study comparing patient and clinician perspectives of treatments for multiple sclerosis via group concept mapping. Patient Preference and Adherence, Volume 15, 975–987.

Washington-Nortey, P.-M., & Serpell, Z. (2021). Parental expectations for children with intellectual disability or autism in Ghana and Zambia: A concept mapping study. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 114, 103989.

If you’ve published in the last few months and haven’t seen your publication highlighted, please get in touch with us.  We want to share your work with others and learn from it ourselves.  Thank you to all the authors who have provided us with publications.

Interested in learning more about Group Concept Mapping?  Visit our Bibliographies page for additional Group Concept Mapping publications arranged by topic.

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