Group Concept Mapping Publications Spotlight October 2022

Group Concept Mapping Publications Spotlight October 2022

We are pleased to be part of the great work our clients are doing. This month we are highlighting these recent Group Concept Mapping publications authored by our clients.

October 2022

Congratulations authors!

B. Pauly, J. McCall, F. Cameron, H. Stuart, H. Hobbs, G. Sullivan, C. Ranger, K. Urbanoski, A concept mapping study of service user design of safer supply as an alternative to the illicit drug market, International Journal of Drug Policy, Volume 110, 2022, 103849, ISSN 0955-3959,

Specht IO, Winckler K, Christensen R, et alWorking from home during COVID-19 in a Danish hospital research setting: experiences of researchers and healthcare providers, explored by Group Concept MappingBMJ Open 2022;12:e063279. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2022-063279

Aarons, G.A., Reeder, K., Sam-Agudu, N.A. et al. Implementation determinants and mechanisms for the prevention and treatment of adolescent HIV in sub-Saharan Africa: concept mapping of the NIH Fogarty International Center Adolescent HIV Implementation Science Alliance (AHISA) initiative. Implement Sci Commun 2, 53 (2021).

Bentley, S. A., Black, A. A., Hindmarsh, G. P., Owsley, C., & Wood, J. M. (2022). Concept mapping to identify content for a performance-based measure of low luminance vision-related activities of daily living. Translational Vision Science & Technology, 11(9), 27.

Slade AL, O’Hara ME, Quinn D, Marley L, Griffith S, Calvert M, et al. (2022) Living with a left ventricular assist device: Capturing recipients experiences using group concept mapping software. PLoS ONE 17(9): e0273108.

Brown, J. & Lengyell, M. (2022). Psychotherapists’ efforts to increase awareness of social privilege. Counselling and Psychotherapy Research, 00, 1-12.

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