Group Concept Mapping Publications Spotlight March 2023

Group Concept Mapping Publications Spotlight March 2023

We are pleased to be part of the great work our clients are doing. This month we are highlighting these recent Group Concept Mapping publications authored by our clients.

March 2023

Congratulations authors!

Sawyer, A. N., Combs, M., Clark, V., Soule, E. K., Lee, J. G. L., & Breland, A. B. (2023). Reactions to a Hypothetical Menthol Cigarette Ban among Sexual- and Gender-Minoritized Communities: A Concept Mapping Study. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 20(5), 3891. MDPI AG. Retrieved from

C. Jardim, P. T., Dias, J. M., Grande, A. J., Veras, A. B., Ferri, É. K., Quadros, F. A., Peixoto, C., Botelho, F. C., I. M. G. Oliveira, M., Dias, I. M., O’Keeffe, M., Elia, C., Dazzan, P., Wolfe, I., & Harding, S. (2023). Co-developing a health promotion programme for Indigenous Youths in Brazil: A concept mapping report. PLOS ONE, 18(2).

Bailey, D., Holden, M. A., Foster, N. E., Haywood, K., & Bishop, A. (2020). Conceptualising adherence to exercise for musculoskeletal pain: A concept mapping study. Physiotherapy, 107.

Evans, M. and Cloutier, L.M. (2023), “Integrating higher degree education with practice: exploring the value proposition of executive MBA apprenticeships”, Higher Education, Skills and Work-Based Learning

Baker, C., Eigsti, M., Racine, K., & O’Connell, L. (2022). Advancing Philanthropic Strategy Through Evaluative Thinking: One Foundation’s Approach. The Foundation Review, 14(3).

Simonds, T., Appleget, C., Cook, T., Fussell, R., Philippe, K., Rödlach, A., & Rosales, R. (2023). Understanding the Latino/a student experience in Catholic high schools in a united states diocese. International Studies in Catholic Education, 1–16. 

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