Group Concept Mapping Publications Spotlight March 2024

Group Concept Mapping Publications Spotlight March 2024

We are pleased to be part of the great work our clients are doing. This month we are highlighting these recent Group Concept Mapping publications authored by our clients.

March 2024

Congratulations authors!

Development of Systemic Interventions to Decrease Breast Cancer Risk: A Group Concept Mapping Study

Gray, J., Petrucci, C., Engel, C., Green-Washington, N., & Buermeyer, N. (2024). Development of systemic interventions to decrease breast cancer risk: A group concept mapping study. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 21(3), 318.

Defining Quality of Preventive Oral Health Services in a Northern First Nations Community: A Concept Mapping Study

Brown-Walkus, J., Smylie, J., Borkhoff, C., Hardy, B.-J., Salmon, C., Duncan, F., & Lawrence, H. (2023). Defining quality of preventive oral health services in a northern first nations community: A concept mapping study. Rural and Remote Health, 23(4).

How to Improve the System of Care for Adolescents with Emotional and Behavioural Problems from the Perspective of Care Providers: A Concept Mapping Approach

Bosakova, L., Dankulincova Veselska, Z., & Filakovska Bobakova, D. (2024). How to improve the system of care for adolescents with emotional and behavioural problems from the perspective of care providers: A concept mapping approach. Health Research Policy and Systems, 22(1). 

Concept Mapping Sociocultural Aspects of Cervical Cancer Prevention Among African American Women

Carmack, C., Roncancio, A., Coleman, T. M., & McKay, S. (2024). Concept mapping sociocultural aspects of cervical cancer prevention among African American women. Frontiers in Public Health, 11.

Exploring Disease-Related and Treatment-Related Issues and Concerns Experienced by Adults with Spondyloarthritis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Psoriasis to Identify Unmet Needs: A Qualitative Clinical Concept Mapping Study

Stisen, Z. R., Skougaard, M., Christensen, K. R., Ainsworth, M. A., Hansen, R. L., Thomsen, S. F., Mogensen, M., Dreyer, L., Kristensen, L. E., & Jørgensen, T. S. (2023). Exploring disease-related and treatment-related issues and concerns experienced by adults with spondyloarthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and psoriasis to identify unmet needs: A qualitative clinical concept mapping study. BMJ Open, 13(12).

Athlete and Support Staff Perceptions of Training Modalities for the Development of Surfing-Specific Manoeuvres: A Concept Mapping Approach

Dann, R., Roberts, L., Headrick, J., Kelly, V., Donaldson, A., McKenzie, A., & Duhig, S. (2024). Athlete and support staff perceptions of training modalities for the development of surfing-specific manoeuvres: A concept mapping approach. Journal of Coaching and Sports Science, 3(1), 35–49.

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