Group Concept Mapping Publications Spotlight for May

Group Concept Mapping Publications Spotlight for May

We applaud the great work being done by our clients and we are so proud to be part of it. This month we are highlighting these recent Group Concept Mapping publications authored by our clients.

Congratulations authors!

Crooks, C. V., Smith, A. C. G., Robinson-Link, N., Orenstein, S., & Hoover, S. (2020). Psychosocial interventions in schools with newcomers: A structured conceptualization of system, design, and individual needs. Children and Youth Services Review, 112(May 2020), 104894. doi: 10.1016/j.childyouth.2020.104894.

Nielsen, K. T., Rasmussen, M. U., Overgaard, A. F., Klokker, L., Christensen, R., & Waehrens, E. E. (2020). Identifying values and preferences around the choice of analgesia for patients with acute trauma pain in emergency and prehospital settings: Using group concept mapping methodology. Emergency Medicine, 10(3). doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2019-031863.

Rachele, J., Wiesel, I., van Holstein, E., Feretopoulos, V., de Vries, T., Green, C., & Bicknell, E. (2020). Feasibility and the care-full just city: Overlaps and contrasts in the views of people with disability and local government officers on social inclusion. Cities, 100: 02650. doi: 10.1016/j.cities.2020.102650.

van Bon-Martens, van der Maas, A., Sekreve, A., Hautvast, S., Klaassen, E., Kennis, M., van Kempen, M., Wijsbroek, S., & Branje, S. (2020). Opgaven voor de Utrechtse jeugd: Resultaten van een concept mapping procedure. Academische Werkplaats Transformatie Jeugd Utrecht, project nummer 10190011910004.


CSI’s Web-based GCM Training Launches!

CSI’s first-ever Web-based GCM Training (WBT) course is underway. It’s a pleasure to welcome a wonderful cohort of trainees; each is doing exciting and important work, and all are enjoying the chance to learn from each other.

Hundreds of GCM practitioners have attended our standard in-person 2.5 day training. Adapting the whole course to a virtual format allows us to reach more people, and

right-size the time commitment for training. CSI President Mary Kane remarked, “Meeting our trainees and welcoming them to the GCM family is truly a highlight of the year. I am so glad we are able to host training distantly, but not separately.” The course covers the concepts, logistics, techniques, analyses and technology of a GCM project, and includes customized consulting on each attendee’s projects.

The next WBT course begins June 15, and we’re hosting the third session beginning in September. In person trainings are on hold at this time due to Covid-19.

Call us now about WBT, and you’ll be eligible for a training/license package pricing!

Web-based GCM training

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