CSI Celebrates Scott Rosas’ 15th Work Anniversary

CSI Celebrates Scott Rosas’ 15th Work Anniversary

CSI recently celebrated Dr. Scott Rosas milestone 15th anniversary. Upon reading his application letter in January 2008, CSI President and Founder Mary Kane knew Scott would be a key team member in CSI’s next stage of development. In the letter, Scott noted he was interested in working, ‘in an organization where multidisciplinary teams of professionals are engaged in research and evaluation activities across a range of important projects in the public sector.’ Scott brought a familiarity with applied group process and facilitation approaches and community-focused research methods, having conducted several interactive initiatives, including several Group Concept Mapping projects. It was a good match between CSI’s commitment to research, evaluation, and stakeholder-informed practices and Scott’s interest and experience.

Scott immediately became known as the “methods guy,” serving as the primary methodologist for CSI. Today, he is known nationally and beyond as the CSI research leader, and an expert in the design and use of Group Concept Mapping. He brings a unique blend of deep and broad scientific inquiry capacity and people engagement skills. He is able to collaborate within a variety of disciplinary contexts, including with researchers, policymakers, and practitioners, communicating with academic, policy, and general audiences. His work exemplifies a commitment to combine high scientific research standards with the challenge of studying complex human services initiatives.

At a recent staff retreat, his co-workers expressed their appreciation for Scott as a colleague, including these thoughts:
• He’s a much-needed calming influence.
• He can convey knowledge to anyone and everyone.
• He brings a great sense of humor to our work together.
• He has a strong commitment to CSI. We can always count on him.
• He knows how organizations and individuals operate.
• He is wise, trusted, and kind to our clients and team members.

Mary Kane noted, “What a smart, creative, and talented thinker Scott is! He is kind and supportive of those he brings along and supports their work and their growth as professionals.”

Scott’s many contributions to CSI, have been instrumental in propelling CSI to the nationally recognized organization we are at today. We are very grateful that Scott joined us on that cold January day in 2008. We look forward to Scott’s experienced and compassionate leadership helping to guide CSI’s future.

Please join us in congratulating Scott on his anniversary: LinkedIn Post for comments

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