Message From Mary: Changing What Is To What Should And Can Be

Message From Mary: Changing What Is To What Should And Can Be

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I remain grateful that my work puts me so close to quiet, steadfast and conscientious efforts across the country and the world to change what is to what should and can be—whether in public health, social sciences, mental health, organization and community progress, nursing or, these days, the effects of COVID on our lives.  The first two weeks of the new year have shaken us fundamentally. We witness the antithesis of what we as caring members of our own communities, curious and nimble thinkers and researchers commit to, every day:  changing the culture, the experiences of those without voice and raising all up with fairness, tolerance and respect.

CSI prides itself on having supported the “do-gooders” in our research, practice and advocacy communities for over 25 years. We value and are comforted by the deep long-term friendships and partnerships we’ve built with many over these years. And we take particular pleasure in being able to see, hear, teach, support—and learn from­-bright, inquisitive, creative and unstoppable young professionals and students in so many of the fields.  If we support them, they will change the face of our country for the better.  These young folks are using GCM and groupwisdom™ to explore power dynamics and the politics of educational systems, prioritizing access to emergency medical care, social justice in the time of social media, and so much more.

We should all be proud of our work, and raise our eyes to the true horizon where we see the achievement of fairness, equity and respect for each child and each elder—and each of us on the journey.

I’m sending my heartfelt wishes for peace, comfort and to support your belief in your own power to make change, and “do good.”

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